Why Am I Not Hungry Sexually?

What is libido?

Libido means desire for sex or sexual hunger. It is also called sexual drive, sexual passion, sexiness, sensuality, sexuality, lust.

Why do I always have no mood for sex?

Low libido may be due to a variety of reasons as discussed below:

  • Psychological and psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression reduce sexual desire
  • Excessive emotional and physical stresses also suppress your sexual appetite
  • Marital disharmony, relationship and personal issues can reduce libido
  • Chronic medical conditions including cancers, cancer treatments, and chronic pain are important causes of low sexual drive particularly in older men
  • Many medications like antidepressants and pills for high blood pressure can affect sexuality
  • Excessive alcohol intakes and drugs like marijuana can lower sexual hunger
  • Low testosterone level is another cause of low libido

How do I find out the cause?

To find out the cause of your low sex drive, it is important to see your local doctor. The doctor will take a detailed medical history, asks what medications you are taking, do some physical examinations and may order tests including test for testosterone. The doctor may not order any test if he/she finds out that your low libido is due to psychological, relationship or personal issues.

Is there any treatment?

Treatment for low libido depends on the cause. If it is due to psychological, relationship or personal issues, your doctor will refer you to a psychologist or sex therapist. You (and your partner) may be given counselling or sex therapy.

If medications are the cause of low libido, they need to be substituted or withdrawn. If your blood test show low testosterone level, the doctor may treat you with testosterone therapy.

Is there any role of lifestyle in increasing libido?

Yes, adopting a healthy lifestyle can increase your libido. Please practise the following:

  • Quit smoking if you are a smoker
  • Lose weight and get physically fit
  • Exercise regularly but not too much
  • Quit drugs
  • Reduce or quit alcohol if you are drinking excessively

And please remember, your low libido may not need any medication or therapy if you just follow simple things like:

  • Kissing your partner slowly and sensually
  • Playing, caressing and exploring each other’s body especially before sexual intercourse
  • Massaging each other
  • Having a warm shower or bath together
  • Undressing each other
  • Appreciating each other’s body
  • Give your partner as much of extra time as possible
  • Do not take your worries and work related issues to bed